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This endpoint returns the pricing for all vehicle types in a certain zone.

curl ""
  -H "x-api-key: TIER API KEY"

definition of response fields:

  • currency: currency of the costs that apply to every vehicle presented in the requested zone. It is in 3-letter ISO 4217 code format.
  • pricing: It contains a list of pricing for each vehicle type in the requested zone:
    • id : The id of the pricing for the specific vehicle in the requested zone.
    • vehicleType : The applicable vehicle type for the pricing. The value here can be emoped, escooter and ebicycle
    • rentalStartPrice : the cost for unlocking a vehicle when the user starts the ride.
    • rentalRunningPricePerMinute : the cost that is applied for each minute after the user starts the ride, excluding the time that the user pauses the ride through the app.
    • rentalPausedPricePerMinute the cost that is applied for each minute that the rental is in paused mode.
Click to expand JSON data response
        "data": {
            "type": "pricing",
            "attributes": {
                "zoneId": "BERLIN",
                "currency": "EUR",
                "pricing": [
                        "id": "f28b38f7-6a65-47f7-bdea-db3f32532d8b",
                        "vehicleType": "emoped",
                        "rentalStartPrice": "1.00",
                        "rentalRunningPricePerMinute": "0.23",
                        "rentalPausedPricePerMinute": "0.23"
                        "id": "21887ac2-1e90-440a-83b7-09b70956678f",
                        "vehicleType": "escooter",
                        "rentalStartPrice": "1.00",
                        "rentalRunningPricePerMinute": "0.19",
                        "rentalPausedPricePerMinute": "0.19"

HTTP Request:


for example to get all vehicles pricing in BERLIN zone:


Query Parameters:

** This endpoint doesn’t accept any query parameters.**