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Welcome to the TIER TOMP Version 1.3

This documentation provides the essentials to integrate with TIER’s TOMP API Version 1.3.

ℹ Access is limited for different endpoints and zones for each API key individually.


The TOMP API is using the JSON:API standard.

Header parameters

Field Content Note
maas-id “1324A-DFB3482-32ACD” Required. The unique identifier of Tier as MaaS.
Accept-Language “en” Required. That language setting that should be used.
api-version “1.3.0” Required. The version number of the API that should be used.
x-api-key “API_KEY” Required. The API key that is used for authentication.


The API is versioned using a api-version parameter in the headers, e.g. {api-version: 1.3.0}.


You must place your personal API key as a x-api-key parameter in the headers.

Additional query parameters

Additionally, all the requests should include the zone id in tier_<zone_id> format in the URL like /data-sharing/tier_utrecht/tomp/.

Privacy Policy

Please find our current Privacy Policy here:

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Users have to accept this Privacy Policy before using our services.

Production and staging URLs

Please note that there are 2 different URLs for our staging and for our production environment.

Our production environment is accessible via

ℹ Please note that we have currently disabled our staging environment. Your requests to will not get any responses as of now.

ℹ Note that production and staging environments do have different API keys.